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Our Virtual Live stream auction will be viewable right here on 28 August at 11:00

Pymat’s 1st inaugural production auction is on Saturday 28 August 2021 and it would give us great pleasure if you could join us to celebrate this milestone of ours. The platform will be both virtual as well as silent.

After many years of carefully breeding, sifting, and selecting quality animals, Pymat has now reached sufficient maturity to offer an extensive range of quality animals at our own auction.

We take pride in our herds, and we celebrate success in breeding with the following:

• Proven buffalo herd of pure East African/ Addo lines. Breeding with 51 6/8” Pymat and now complimenting his daughters by putting them with 50”+ Raka from the stable of Ukujabula. Double 50” genetics we are genuinely excited about.
• The uniqueness of the Western Zambian Sable with it’s big bodied, long horned animals. Proving the breeding of the true legend Madala in our 50”+ breeding bull Tolile
• A roan herd coming to fruition by producing top animals with impressive colour, body size and exceptional horn length as well a T-T.
• Other species such as Livingston Eland, Coffee springbuck as well as Nyala, Impala and Oryx also thrived on our farm in Rooibokkraal, Limpopo, proving them well adapted to hearwater and other tick-borne diseases.

Please do have a look at the animals on offer, as we believe that this could be an opportune time for you, as a serious game breeder, to selectively acquire good genetics to enhance your own herd.

-Pieter and Yvonne Prinsloo


Follow the links below for a copy of the Catalogue in PDF’s

Pymat Virtual Live Auction catalogue

Pymat Timed online Auction – 27 – 28 Aug 2021


Other important details:

Pymat Production Auction
Virtual Live Stream & Timed Auction

Auctions open 27 August @ 8am

Virtual Live Stream closes on 28 August from 11am Lot for Lot

Timed Auction closes on 28 August from 5pm in staggered intervals

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Apple: https://apps.apple.com/za/app/brandon-leer/id1502972708

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.altumsystems.brandonleer&hl=en&gl=US

Please do not hesitate to contact for further details:
Andrien White
Louis Greeff
Pieter Prinsloo
Brandon Leer
Neil Swart
Garth Saville


Lot 4 – Alora


Lot 7 – Margita


Lot 10 – Dineo


Lot 13 – Adele