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Pymat  will be selling  4 Western Zambian Sable Cows out of the much sought after Silent Valley (Mike Fischer) bloodline.   An unusual feature is that Tag Y1,  a 9 year old Western Zambian Cow, (who has already produced 6 female offspring) is being sold together with one of her daughters Tag 1335. Tag 1335 already measures 31 1/8” at 4 years 1 month The sire of this daughter is the legendary Madala, the patriarch  of the South African Western Zambian Sable. The Nuclear results are 99% pure Zambian for 3 of the cows and 98% for the fourth Cow.  Mitochondrially they are all Western Zambian.


There will be three of Pymat Buffalo cows on Auction . An interesting combination of Genetics will be available.  One of the cows on offer is the daughter of the well- known and famous bull, Gnu.  She is currently walking with 51 4/8″ Pymat.

The two other Buffalo Cows  measure an impressive spread of  35 7/8” with heifer calf and  33 4/8 ”  in calf  to  Pymat 51 4/8″.


And two exceptional Roan Cows measuring 25” and 24 7/8 “ .  Roan cow 1304 is in calf to the majestic Roan bull Thor 32 4/8”  and 1309 is in calf to the very impressive and well known Roan Bull Remo 31.76”. This is the first of Remo’s  Genetics to be available on Auction.


Lastly not least a well-shaped  30 1/8 Nyala bull will also be on Auction


17 February 2018 Valley Venture and Friends  Auction



Pymat now measures 51 6/8” in June 2019


Pymat our stud buffalo bull was measured this month (May 2016) and is now
51.25″.  His first calves that have now started arriving and look like
sturdy blocks.  They are very promising for the future.

Aiden our Western Zambian Bull, currently on loan to Thaba Tholo is about to
return to Pymat  to join one of our 32+” West Zambian female  herds.

There are two stunning Zambian Sable bulls on the market – one measuring

We are currently putting packages of saddle back impala’s together with
splits.  They have particularly dark backs and look beautiful. We are also
putting packages of white flanked impalas together with splits.  Both the
Saddle backs and White flanks will be ready for delivery towards in August
or September.

We also have a few Golden Gnu bulls looking for a new home.